Technical FAQs

Do I need to have access to a computer to attend?

Yes. Each family will be required to have a computer system that meets the minimum specifications necessary to access the K12 Online School (OLS). Families must also have internet access to participate in the school program. Our enrollment consultants can help address your technological and computer questions and needs.

What computer skills are required?

The Learning Coach needs to have at least basic computer skills. Use of the computer is an important part of the online school program. In the elementary grades, mostly the Learning Coach interacts with the computer. Middle school and high school students are most successful if they have basic computer skills.

Do I need high speed internet access to attend?

No. Although high-speed internet access definitely makes the experience of learning online much more satisfying, it is not absolutely necessary. Some geographic areas unfortunately do not have high-speed access available. However, for those areas that do, it is the preferred type of access for the program.

What is VAVA’s computer use policy?

Access to the internet via computer equipment and resource networks provided to qualifying students enrolled in VAVA are intended to serve and help the student to pursue educational goals and purposes. Communications and internet access should be conducted in a responsible and professional manner reflecting the school’s commitment to honest, ethical, and non-discriminatory practice. Therefore, the following is prohibited:

  • Any computer use that violates federal, state, or local law or regulation
  • Knowing or reckless interference with the normal operation of computers, peripherals, or networks
  • The use of VAVA internet-related systems to access, transmit, store, display, or request inappropriate materials
  • Any use deemed to adversely affect VAVA

How do I get technical support?